That is Kari Ferrell – and also where is the ‘hipster grifter’ now_

en it comes to scammers, right currently it seems like the world can’t get enough (see Anna Delvey, Sarah Panitzke and Simon Leviev for details) – and the new name set to be on everyone’s lips is Kari Ferrell, also known as the ‘hipster grifter’.

Rumours are currently swirling that Kari, who made the ‘most wanted’ list for writing bad cheques and retail theft, recently signed a tell-all book deal, putting her name back in the spotlight after first making headlines in 2009. She initially found notoriety after becoming the subject of a Vice article entitled ‘Department of Oopsies! – We Hired a Grifter’.

However, as well passing $60,000 worth of bad cheques, there’s a whole lot more to Kari Ferrell’s story, including lying about being terminally ill with cancer, scamming romantic partners out of several thousands dollars, and lying about her career trajectory to such an extent that she landed a job at Vice magazine, during the gritty publication’s hey day.

Here’s the true story of ‘hipster grifter’ Kari Ferrell, along with where she is now…

Who is Kari Ferrell?

Kari Ferrell, nicknamed ‘The Filth’ or the ‘Hipster Grifter’ first became known in 2009 when she successfully applied for a job as an admin assistant at Vice (after reportedly falsely claiming to have worked at Goldenvoice, the company behind Coachella) – and quickly tried to hit on a workmate.

Curious by her brazenly flirty approach, Kari’s colleague Googled her and discovered a warrant out for her arrest by the Salt Lake City Police Department in Utah, who were keen to track her down for “forgery, bad cheques and retail theft”.

Vice quickly turned an article around on the incident, after firing Kari, and said, “When the time comes for you to take on a new administrative assistant, try plugging your prospective employee’s name into Google to make sure she doesn’t have any less-than-desirable traits, like, say, five outstanding warrants for fraud in Utah where she also faked numerous abortions and was run out of town after earning a colorful nickname such as ‘The Filth’.”

Kari pictured 9 June 2010 at a at Pop Burger event in NYC Alli Harvey Getty Images

It also alleged that Kari had previously faked having cancer, a story corroborated by an Observer deep-dive published shortly after the Vice piece, and which chronicled her life leading up to her Vice post. “She told me she had cancer,” a former friend, Erica Koch, said, “Then later she told me she was terminally ill, had just been diagnosed when she got to New York and she was taking chemo pills. You can’t question someone who says she has cancer! One day she came out of my roommate’s room coughing, and she had blood on her hand.”

The Observer whistle-blowing piece, which first earned Kari the ‘hipster grifter’ nickname also alleged that she would deposit fraudulent cheques into her then-love interest’s bank account and ask him to withdraw the cash, claiming there was a problem with her own account.

“She started depositing all these checks into my account, literally depositing $300, $500, $1,100 at a time,” said ex-partner Casey Hansen. “She kept saying she couldn’t use her ATM card, telling me, ‘You cash these checks and give me the money.’ One day I hand them a check for $1,200 and I asked the teller, ‘Are these good? I assume they are, because you guys just keep giving me money and you’re a bank, but can you just check on this?’ And he tells me they’re good.” The bank later clocked that the cheques were being written from a non-functioning account. Kari then served three months in jail.

Another former friend shared how utterly convincing Kari could be with her falsehoods, saying, “We had these long conversations about whether she should leave Goldenvoice and go to Vice or not. This is one of the things that disturbs me more than anything else—we talked for 30 minutes about whether she should change jobs or not. We had an engaging conversation about something that was completely a fantasy.”

Ex-Vice colleagues also report Kari using the magazine’s name to call in freebies, book tables at high-end restaurants and more, all within days of starting at the company.

Where is Kari Ferrell now?

In a social media post dated 8 January 2022, Kari wrote about how she’s put in a lot of inner work over the past thirteen years to become a writer, wife, activist and good friend (amongst other things).

“I’ve played a lot of characters in my life: adoptee, Mormon, felon, manic pixie nightmare, writer (of good articles and bad checks), corporate lackey, inmate, sexual deviant, viral story, bad role model minority, the list goes on and on,” her post, with the geotag ‘Vice Magazine HQ’, begins.

“And over the past 13 years I’ve truly become more than the sum of my parts. I’ve put a lot of work into myself and have been able to add activist, educator, great friend, loving wife, creator, and many more positives to the list. 2022 is about reclaiming my narrative, proving that people are capable of real changen it pertains to fraudsters, today it feels like the globe can not obtain sufficient (see Anna Delvey, Sarah Panitzke and also Simon Leviev for information) – and also the brand-new name readied to get on everybody’s lips is Kari Ferrell, likewise referred to as the ‘hipster grifter’.

Rumours are presently swirling that Kari, that made the ‘most desired’ listing for composing poor cheques and also retail burglary, lately authorized a tell-all publication offer, placing her name back in the limelight after very first making headings in 2009. She originally discovered prestige after ending up being the topic of a Vice post qualified ‘Division of Oopsies! – We Worked with a Grifter’.

Nevertheless, also passing $60,000 well worth of poor cheques, there’s a great deal even more to Kari Ferrell’s tale, consisting of existing concerning being terminally ill with cancer cells, scamming charming companions out of numerous thousands bucks, and also existing concerning her profession trajectory to such a level that she landed a work at Vice publication, throughout the sandy magazine’s hello day.

Below’s truth tale of ‘hipster grifter’ Kari Ferrell, together with where she is currently…

That is Kari Ferrell?

Kari Ferrell, nicknamed ‘The Dirt’ or the ‘Hipster Grifter’ very first came to be understood in 2009 when she effectively obtained a work as an admin aide at Vice (after supposedly wrongly asserting to have actually operated at Goldenvoice, the business behind Coachella) – and also promptly attempted to appeal a colleague.

Interested by her brazenly frisky strategy, Kari’s associate Googled her and also found a warrant out for her apprehension by the Salt Lake City Cops Division in Utah, that were eager to track her down for “imitation, poor cheques and also retail burglary”.

Vice promptly transformed a write-up around on the case, after shooting Kari, and also stated, “When the moment comes for you to tackle a brand-new management aide, attempt connecting your potential staff member’s name right into Google to see to it she doesn’t have any kind of less-than-desirable characteristics, like, claim, 5 exceptional warrants for scams in Utah where she likewise fabricated many abortions and also was run out of community after making a vibrant label such as ‘The Dirt’.”

Kari imagined 9 June 2010 at a at Pop Hamburger occasion in New York City Alli Harvey Getty Images

It likewise declared that Kari had actually formerly fabricated having cancer cells, a tale proven by an Onlooker deep-dive released quickly after the Vice item, and also which narrated her life leading up to her Vice message. “She informed me she had cancer cells,” a previous close friend, Erica Koch, stated, “After that later on she informed me she was terminally ill, had actually simply been detected when she reached New york city and also she was taking chemo tablets. You can’t examine somebody that states she has cancer cells! Eventually she appeared of my flatmate’s area coughing, and also she had blood on her hand.”

The Onlooker whistle-blowing item, which initially made Kari the ‘hipster grifter’ label likewise declared that she would certainly transfer deceptive cheques right into her then-love passion’s savings account and also ask him to take out the money, asserting there was a trouble with her very own account.

“She began transferring all these check out my account, essentially transferring $300, $500, $1,100 at once,” stated ex-partner Casey Hansen. “She maintained stating she couldn’t utilize her bank card, informing me, ‘You pay these checks and also provide me the cash.’ Eventually I hand them a look for $1,200 and also I asked the cashier, ‘Are these great? I presume they are, since you people simply maintain providing me cash and also you’re a financial institution, yet can you simply look at this?’ And also he informs me they’re great.” The financial institution later on clocked that the cheques were being composed from a non-functioning account. Kari after that offered 3 months behind bars.

One more previous close friend shared just how entirely persuading Kari can be with her fallacies, stating, “We had these lengthy discussions concerning whether she must leave Goldenvoice and also most likely to Vice or otherwise. This is just one of the important things that disrupts me greater than anything else—we chatted for thirty minutes concerning whether she must alter work or otherwise. We had an interesting discussion concerning something that was entirely a dream.”

Ex-Vice associates likewise report Kari making use of the publication’s name to employ giveaways, publication tables at premium dining establishments and also even more, all within days of beginning at the business.

Where is Kari Ferrell currently?

In a social media sites message dated 8 January 2022, Kari discussed just how she’s placed in a great deal of internal job over the previous thirteen years to end up being an author, other half, protestor and also friend (among various other points).

“I’ve played a great deal of personalities in my life: adoptee, Mormon, lawbreaker, manic pixie problem, author (of great short articles and also poor checks), company lackey, prisoner, sex-related deviant, viral tale, poor good example minority, the listing continues,” her message, with the geotag ‘Vice Publication HQ’, starts.

“And also over the previous 13 years I’ve absolutely come to be greater than the amount of my components. I’ve placed a great deal of infiltrate myself and also have actually had the ability to include protestor, teacher, fantastic close friend, caring other half, designer, and also a lot more positives to the listing. 2022 has to do with recovering my story, showing that individuals can actual chang